There’s a wealth of opportunities for engaging in various water sports activities, such as kitesurfing, windsurfing, and diving. These activities offer excitement and challenges for both beginners and experienced enthusiasts.

Particularly, the area around Aa Strand Camping is an excellent place for kitesurfing on Funen. The location and optimal conditions make it a fantastic choice for both beginners and advanced kitesurfers. Here, one can experience the incredible sensation of being lifted and carried by the wind while gliding over the waves and learning new tricks and techniques. This popular spot is known to be one of the best on Funen and offers an exciting and challenging environment for anyone wanting to try their hand at kitesurfing.

danmark rundt i kajak

Kayak / Rowing

There are also excellent opportunities for exploring the coastal area by kayak. Both beginners and experienced kayakers can enjoy the beautiful coastlines and calm waters, making it ideal for a kayak trip. For more seasoned rowers, there’s the opportunity to embark on a challenging and adventurous trip out to Helnæs Lighthouse, where one can truly test their skills and enjoy the spectacular view.

Kayaking along the coast offers a unique opportunity to experience nature from a different angle and establish a closer connection to the sea. Set out to explore the beautiful and varied coastlines, and let yourself be inspired by the magnificent nature while getting exercise and fresh air. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced kayaker, you will undoubtedly find joy and challenges in this popular water sport.


 Biking and Hiking

Aa Strand and its surroundings offer a wealth of opportunities for both cycling and hiking. With its exceptional natural beauty and varied landscape, this area is an ideal place for anyone wanting to enjoy the fresh air and get some exercise at the same time.

Cycling at Aa Strand The Aa Strand area is rich in cycling routes that stretch along the coast and into the beautiful landscape, where one can experience both forests and open fields. Several paths and roads are suitable for cycling, allowing for exploration of the area on two wheels and experiencing nature in a new and exciting way. The cycling routes vary in difficulty and length, so there’s something for every taste and fitness level, whether you’re an experienced cyclist or a beginner.

Hiking at Aa Strand If you prefer exploring nature at a more leisurely pace, Aa Strand also offers a number of beautiful hiking trails. These trails wind through forested areas, past dunes, and along the coast, where you can enjoy the fresh sea air and the breathtaking views over the water. On the hikes, you may also encounter various animal species and seasonal flowers, contributing to a unique nature experience.

Whether you choose to go on a cycling or hiking tour at Aa Strand, it’s important to remember appropriate clothing and equipment so you can fully enjoy the trip. Take your family, friends, or just yourself on an adventure in this beautiful area and create unforgettable memories while exploring the Danish landscape and coastline.


Aa Strand Camping can boast of being located near some of Funen’s finest fishing spots, making it an attractive place for anglers. From the campsite, it’s only a short walk to the water, meaning you can easily and conveniently head out to fish without having to drive far.

One of the most popular fishing spots nearby is Sønderby Klint, which is an extension of Feddet. The cliff is known as one of the best fishing areas on Funen and is particularly suitable for fishing for sea trout. Here, one can enjoy the beautiful nature and view of the sea while waiting for a bite.

Should the fishing at Sønderby Klint not yield the desired catch, there are also Put and Take saltwater lakes just opposite the campsite. These lakes are an excellent alternative and offer good chances of catching fish if the cliff does not live up to expectations.

Whether you prefer to fish from the coast at Sønderby Klint or try your luck in the Put and Take lakes, Aa Strand Camping is an ideal starting point for fishing trips on Funen. With its proximity to these excellent fishing spots, it’s a perfect place to settle down and enjoy a holiday filled with fishing and nature experiences.

The beach

The beach at Aa Strand Camping stretches along a beautiful coastline with soft, light sand and dunes that create a picturesque setting around the sea. Here, there’s plenty of opportunity to enjoy the sun and relax with a good book, while the children play and build sandcastles. The calm atmosphere and crystal-clear water make the beach ideal for relaxation and contemplation.

At sunset, the beach at Aa Strand Camping becomes a picturesque place, where one can enjoy the sight of the sun slowly dipping into the horizon and the warm colors spreading across the sky. It’s a perfect time to gather friends and family around a bonfire and share stories and laughs as darkness falls.